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DDoS attacks
Domain names hijacking
Data espionage


The constant increase in the frequency, power and sophistication of attacks never ceases to remind us that the fight against cybercrime and the implementation of an optimal cybersecurity strategy are now essential to protect our digital territory.

As the first ISO 27001 certified registrar for all of its registrar activity, Nameshield places cybersecurity at the forefront of its requirements. Nameshield offers you effective solutions to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and benefit from optimal protection for your domain names.

Certifié ISO 27001 
depuis 2017

ISO 27001
certified since 2017

Labellisé France Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity certified

Hexatrust member

Membre First

First member

Membre de l'ACN

ACN member

Membre de Clusif

Clusif member

Membre Cesin

Cesin member

Membre des groupes ICANN Registrar et Registry Stakeholder

Member of the ICANN Registrar et Registry Stakeholder groups

Membre du Conseil d'Administration 
de l'Afnic.

Membrer of the Afnic Board of Trustees

Intellectual property

The protection of trademarks on the Internet is a crucial subject due to the ever-increasing number of infringements being perpetrated against them.

Nameshield has developed effective and relevant remediation tools, coupled with an offer of expert advice allowing brands to preserve their integrity and assert their rights.


Domain Names

ICANN accredited and ISO 27001 certified since 2017, Nameshield brings you its expertise to optimize and manage your domain name portfolio and supports you in the critical aspects of the management of their intangible assets and their online presence.

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