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Domain name acquisition

The “first arrived, first served” concept has created many drifts in the domain names world.

Once a domain name registered, it’s impossible to use the term under the targeted extension.

Since the 90’, this characteristic has created a “second market” dedicated to the sale of domain names. In some case, opting for an anonymous and secured domain name acquisition becomes an essential solution.

Domain name acquisition
Domain name acquisition - An anonymous and secured transaction

Domain name acquisition – An anonymous and secured transaction

Why anonymous?
Not communicating your identity to mainly protect you from overvaluation of your domain name.

Why secured?
Securing your transaction through a specialized “Second market” platform protects you from any fraud attempt at the moment of the acquisition.

Engaging in an acquisition needs a thorough study on your domain name

What do we want to know?

  • Its history, past
  • Its extension
  • Its use
  • Its thematic value

Knowing these parameters will determine if the domain name acquisition‘s price is acceptable or negotiable.

Nameshield proposes to represent you anonymously in order to negotiate at the best price and in security the acquisition of a domain name of your interest.

Notre méthodologie de rachat d’un nom de domaine

Estimation nom de domaine

Study of the name
(age, extension, use, etc.) and assessment of its value

Contact rachat nom de domaine

Anonymous contact
with the holder

Négociation nom de domaine

and securing the transaction

Transfert de nom de domaine

of the domain name to Nameshield (anonymous)

transfert de propriété nom de domaine

of ownership on behalf of the client

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