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About us

Nameshield protects your digital territory

With nearly 30 years of experience at the service of its customers and partners, Nameshield is the French provider of reference for domain names management, security and associated services.

Founded in 1994, Nameshield is the first French registrar to be certified ISO 27001.

Recognized by its peers, Nameshield evolves in the heart of the cybersecurity ecosystem and anticipates the current and future challenges of companies and administrations. Nameshield is a member of Hexatrust, First, Cesin, Clusif, DNS Oarc and is also part of the ICANN Stakeholder group and the AFNIC Board of Trustees (.FR registry).

Nameshield protects your digital territory

As a sovereign registrar, Nameshield maintains its societal commitment by being 100% owned by its employees and by the Esperancia endowment fund (which has for purpose to support associative projects intended to protect and assist children and underprivileged young people in their development).

In a changing technological and regulatory environment, Nameshield has developed innovative solutions allowing them to build long-term partnerships with their customers. These innovations have always followed a specific red line: to protect the identity of the companies. These innovations enable Nameshield to be now the registrar of thirteen companies present in CAC40.

Today, the global solution of Nameshield provides its customers the assistance of experts on every aspects of domain names management (daily management, legal services, technical security – SSL – DNS – etc., online brand protection, monitoring, etc.) from a global multi-users platform. Its management system, multi-subsidiaries and adapted billing method (by subsidiary, department, business, etc.) also offer simplified management for large companies

Nameshield supports the Esperancia endowment fund

Our history

Our history

Our strengths

Nameshield stands out from other actors of the market with many strong and differentiating points:

  • Risk management for domain names and associated services
  • Adaptation to complex environments
  • Maximum level of security and recognition from our peers
  • Internal development policy / proprietary solutions
  • ISO 27001 certifiedANSSI compliance
  • Dedicated support and expert teams
  • Internal legal service
  • DNS Premium solution labelled France Cybersecurity
  • Data hosting on French soil
  • Societal commitment with the Esperancia endowment fund
Nameshield' distinguishing elements