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Highly secured platform

Your domain names are intangible assets of great value for your company

To protect them, Nameshield, certified ISO 27001, provides a highly secured platform of functional and intuitive management for the administrative and technical management of your portfolio and personalized monitoring tools to simplify the administration.

That’s why, Nameshield offers a panel of solutions for an optimal securing of your interface access. These requirements are also part of the prerequisite of our ISO 27001 certification.

Highly secured platform for domain names management - Nameshield

The Nameshield highly secured platform answers to all your needs concerning the management of your complex domain names portfolio: multi-users, multi-subsidiaries, multi-extensions, thanks to a tool with extended functions and simple use.

The Nameshield highly secured platform is also the only one on the market which proposes a joint management of domain names and brands.

Our platform is of course, highly available and secured:

  • IP filter
  • Access management by ACL (Access Control List)
  • Strict policy of passwords management
  • Logs histories
  • Two factors authentication

Because your management platform can be the first access to your intangible assets, a target of choice for pirates, it’s essential for Nameshield to offer you the highest securing.

double authentication

Two factors authentication

Your domain names are strategic, their interface of management is the first access key. That’s why, Nameshield has increased the access security of your dedicated platform and proposes you the two factors identification.

In the IT security field, the concept of two factors authentication is efficient and simple. This procedure reinforces the security by proposing to users to connect to their account by entering an encrypted validation code sent on a mobile phone, in complement to their username and password.

This validation in two steps contributes to protect the user’s account against unauthorized access in case someone obtains their password. Thus, and even if a malicious person gets to steal your password, they can only connect if they have the supplementary validation information of the user. It means that if someone wants to connect to your account, they have to steal your password AND your mobile phone.

Passwords strict policy

As we know, passwords are too simple and identical on many interfaces and are also the source of hacking. In the same way, a lack of regular cleaning of accesses (past employees) can create risks. That’s why, Nameshield implements a strict management of passwords.

HTTPS Protocol

The Nameshield web platform of management uses the encrypting HTTPS protocol (HyperTextTransfer Protocol Secure), i.e. the combination of http with a SSL layer of supplementary encrypting, since the access page.

The IP filter

For sedentary users, an IP filter can be easily implemented.

The connection to the management interface is done in a secured environment (https) with login/password, completed by an IP identification. Thus, no hacker can use the stolen access if they are not on the designed IP.

Une politique stricte de mots de passe

DNS Bastion

DNS Premium

Registry lock

SSL certificates

ISO 27001 certification