If you wish to sell products or services on Internet, if you plan to offer secured download or if you want to collect personal information, you have to install a SSL certificate on your website.


A SSL certificate verifies the legitimacy of your website or business online, and provides an encrypting. It ensures that any information sent between your website and an Internet user is secured and remains private.

Nameshield provides SSL certificates from many well-known Certification Authorities and ensures to subscribe the right certificate type corresponding to your needs:


A large variety of SSL certificates and suppliers

Nameshield provides certificates from the most internationally recognized Certification Authorities, including SymantecThawteGeotrust and Globalsign.


All levels of certification

SSL certificates are available according to three principal authentication levels:

  • Domain Validation (DV) – Authenticates the domain name for which the certificate has been requested with the approval of the applicant.
  • Organization Validation (OV) – Like the DV, with an examination of the organization added. Complementary information on the organization is displayed on the certificate seal.
  • Extended Validation (EV) – Like the OV, with a more complete control on the organization. The requirements for the EV certificate attribution are defined by the CA/Browser forum and are strictly controlled.


Other certificate types:

In addition to the certification levels defined above, Nameshield can provide other certificate types such as:

Wildcard certificate, Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificate, Unified communications (UC) certificate, Code signing certificate, Email certificate.


Complete consulting and assistance

Nameshield SSl experts are at your service to assist you on the optimization and rationalization of your SSL portfolio.

  1. DNS Premium
  2. Registry lock
  3. Highly secured platform
  4. Domain Safety Chain
  5. ISO 27001 certification

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