Domain name recovery - UDRP and other procedures - NameshieldWith the rise of new extensions (New gTLDs), the acts of brand usurpation have been multiplied. Thus, each week, many companies are victims of their brand being used in domain names registered on the basis of “first arrived, first served”, without benefiting any control from registries on names registrations.

Called cybersquatting, this practice consists to register a domain name corresponding to a brand, with the intention to resell it to the brand owner, to alter its visibility or to profit from its notoriety.

Nameshield is present to ensure a total protection and securing of their customers’ brands, in an efficient and profitable way.

In order to fight against these fraudulent actions and to assert your rights, a legal experts team experimented in transactions linked to disputes resolution, will implement a targeted action to recuperate your rights on the cybersquatted domain name.

Domain name recovery or suspension… two possible options

Since the arrival of new extensions, we count many domain names registrations representing an infringement of the rights of hundred brands.

Reclaim a right on a name means to depend on the Arbitration Center associated to the name’s extension, which will proceed to resolve the dispute between the complainant and the name’s owner.

This legal action can take two forms: the UDRP procedure (applicable to generic extensions, countries – 90 concerned countries – and to new extensions) and the URS procedure (for the new extensions).

Other enforcement actions

Our enforcement team will support you to implement the administrative and legal adapted actions and to stop abuses:

  • Situation status: inventory of the domain names registered by a holder on the basis of the elements provided by the customer.
  • Social networks interventions: alert of an Intellectual Propriety violation (Facebook, Instagram…)
  • Website suspension
  • Cease and Desist notice
  • Lifting anonymity

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