Cybersecurity – Protect your strategic domain names - NameshieldIn an ever changing digital world, the security of your strategic domain names is essential.

First registrar, certified ISO 27001, Nameshield places the security on top of its requirements. Nameshield proposes efficient solutions to reduce cyberattacks risks and benefit from an optimal protection for the domain names.

The constant rise of the occurrence, force and sophistication of the attacks, always reminds us that the fight against cybercriminality is now essential.

Nameshield proposes services offering maximal security to your assets in order to defend efficiently your brands on the digital territory.

SSL Certificates, highly available DNS, Registry lock, etc. are as many services at your disposition for securing your domain names.

Your Internet services (e-mail – website – intranet – etc.) depend on the proper management of your associated domain names. That’s why, Nameshield has also developed a global securing solution, the Domain Safety Chain, recommended by our experts for your strategic domain names.

Lastly, an optimal security necessarily passes by protected systems. Nameshield provides a highly secured and highly available platform of management.

To go further and to ensure the best standard in this field, Nameshield respects and exceeds ANSSI recommendations.

The ISO 27001 certification, delivered by LRQA, the World Leader of the certification of value added Management systems, attests the importance given by Nameshield to the security of its infrastructure.

  1. DNS Premium
  2. Registry lock
  3. SSL certificates
  4. Highly secured platform
  5. Domain Safety Chain
  6. ISO 27001 certification