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Domain Names Hijacking

How to fight against domain names hijacking?

Domain names hijacking are extremely common as the news regularly shows.

However, simple and effective measures can be taken to secure your domain names upstream and prevent cybercriminals from hijacking your domain names

Domain names Hijacking - Nameshield
Registry lock

Registry lock

This additional security system blocks the information of a domain name directly at the registry level and prevents the modification of the holder, contacts or DNS servers. It also prevents the transfer and deletion of a domain name by locking these operations

Two factors authentication (MFA – 2FA)

A domain name can be hijacked by a cybercriminal who would fraudulently access your management interface and for example, modify the DNS to take control of your name.

To fight against domain name hijacking, double authentication is effective and simple. This solution strengthens security by allowing users to connect to their account by entering a unique validation code (OTP, One Time Password) sent to a mobile phone in addition to their username and password.

This two steps validation helps protect a user’s account from unauthorized access in case a third party is able to obtain their password

Two factors authentication - Domain names hijacking

Even if a malicious person manages to steal your password, they can only log in if they have the user’s additional validation information.

This comes in the form of codes that only the user can obtain through their mobile phone or through an encrypted signature generated from a secret security key.

Of course, it is essential to ensure that your management platform is highly secured.