What’s a DDoS attack?

An attack by denial of service is an IT attack with the purpose to make a service unavailable, to hinder the legitimate users of a service from using it.

It can be:

  • A network flooding in order to hinder its functioning;
  • The connections disruption between two machines, hindering the access to a particular service;
  • The access obstruction to a service to a particular person.

The denial of service attack can then block a files server, make impossible the access to a web server or hinder the email distribution in a company.

The first attacks were done only by one « attacker » with limited resources and attracted by achievement and reputation.

DDoS attack

Today, with the strong rise of business trade on the Internet, the bargain number of Denial service has strongly grown, more advanced attacks have appeared, implying many « soldiers » also called « zombies ». We talk about DDoS (distributed denial of service attack).

These DDoS attacks have a strong increase and aim at big companies, supported by a ransom request to stop the attack.

Source: Nameshield’s White paper – Understanding domain names

How to protect against DDoS attacks?

Thanks to Nameshield’s DNS Premium labelled France Cybersecurity, with its anti-DDoS filter and its anycast network allowing to ensure a perfect availability of your Internet services and prevent any disruption.

For more information on the attacks targeting the DNS, you can find on the blog an article about the 3 most common DNS attacks and how to defeat them.