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According to the French government’s website, a cyberattack is defined as “an infringement to the IT systems done with malicious intent. It aims different computing devices: computers or servers, isolated or in networks, connected or not to the Internet, peripheral equipment like printers, or communicating devices like mobile phones, smartphones or tablets. There are 4 types of cyber risks with various consequences, directly or indirectly affecting individuals, administrations and companies: cybercrime, image damage, espionage, sabotage. “

The evolution of techniques and the arrival of new technologies make cyberattacks more and more complex and offer new opportunities to attackers.

There are various types of cyberattack like attacks aiming the DNS (DDoS, DNS cache poisoning, DNS spoofing, Man in the Middle) or attacks directly aiming users and having for purpose to obtain confidential information to steal an identity (phishing).

The constant rise of the occurrence, force and sophistication of the attacks, always reminds us that the fight against cybercrime is now essential.

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Source of the cyberattack’s definition: