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What’s a ransomware?

The ransomware attack is a form of attack which consists in infecting the computer of an individual or an employee of a company through a malicious program which encrypts and blocks the data and requests a ransom in return to decipher it.

How to protect against ransomware?

  • Don’t open emails of suspicious origin;
  • Don’t ever open an attachment from an unknown sender or from one who is not entirely trustworthy;
  • Regularly carry out data backup;
  • Regularly update your software.

What to do in case of attack?

  • Don’t pay the ransom: nothing ensures that once the ransom payed, the hacker will unblock your computer;
  • Disconnect immediately from the network the equipment identified as compromised (to block the ransomware’s spread);
  • Immediately contact the Information systems security referents of your company.

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