Accreditation to registries by a registrar represents a commitment regarding the quality of service to its customers. It is also an assurance for the registrar’s customers of the financial, commercial and technical plans, as the “registrar” also has to provide information about the people in the executive, director and administrator roles.

Nameshield follows a policy of accreditation which reflects its commitment to ensure all responsibilities associated with defending the interests of your names, and in terms of the provision (“registering” a domain name during transfer or in follow-up activities aimed at its durability (guarantee of processes related to renewal).
Icann, whose prime objective is to ensure the stability of the system of names and numbers of domains on the Internet, provides a clear framework for the accreditation of a gTLD:

  • Solvency,
  • Technical assurance (DNS, guaranteed submission of your names to a third party authorized by ICANN …)
  • Frequency of checks on the validity of the contact details associated with the names
  • Conditions for transfer or change of delegation or of return to the market (EDDP) …
  • Legal framework (UDRP) … CcTLDs are not required to accredit registrars, and should they choose to do so, they can set their own standards and requirements for accreditation. However all of the requirements described are established as a standard, taken by all ccTLDs concerned with the interests of holders of domain names, and to which Nameshield adheres whenever possible.

Nameshield is an ICANN accredited registrar and is required to operate a number of policies and procedures, details can be found below:

  1. Expired domain deletion policy
  2. Registrar’s Accreditation Agreement
  3. Terms and conditions of use
  4. Uniform domain name dispute resolution policy
  5. Website Privacy Policy
  6. Nameshield certified ISO 27001
  7. Cookies policy