Intangible Assets Valuation

Domain Name Valuation

Your domain names are strategic intangible assets for your company. Beyond its sales price, the activity of the associated services to your domain names, confers them an estimable value.

In 2016, Nameshield has presented its valuation method concerning domain names intangible assets to the Intangible Observatory under the high patronage of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Nameshield has also created a research team dedicated to the intangible assets valuation in order to create and provide to our customers, a model of existing names valuation.

Our experts are at your service for all advice regarding the recovery and valuation procedures: we analyze and advise the most efficient and less costly actions in the context of the domain names recovery – UDRP/acquisition/etc. – or content suspension), counseling in domain names reselling, counseling in your assets valuation.

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