The security chain of your brands

Brand Safety Chain - The security chain of your online brands - NameshieldIs your online brands’ cybersecurity perfectly ensured?

With the Brand Safety Chain, Nameshield provides a global offer with a 360° vision of your online brands’ cybersecurity.

Real security chain, the Brand Safety Chain is easy to implement in order to monitor, protect and defend brands in any circumstances.

A global solution for an optimal protection

The Brand Safety Chain is a solution with many links and easy to implement:


Brand Safety Chain - online brand protection - Nameshield

The Brand Safety Chain, the assured serenity of your strategic brands

Domain names and web monitoring

A wide variety of monitoring perfectly adapted to your needs.

Link of the Brand Safety Chain, this global, permanent and reactive research solution retrieves every day the registered domain names from principal registries and researches registrations that use the monitored brands (identical – approximate or according to custom requests) .

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Data aggregation platform

A data aggregation platform to easily centralize, analyze and classify.

With the data aggregation platform, integrated to the Brand Safety Chain global solution, Nameshield provides its expertise and technology allowing you to easily and quickly identify the infringements done to your brands in order to react effectively.

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Legal actions

An internal legal service, a monitoring platform and reporting.

In order to fight against the infringements done to your brands and assert your rights, a legal experts team, experimented in transactions related to brands dispute resolution, will implement a targeted action to retrieve your rights on a cybersquatted domain name.

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URLs authenticator

A fraudulent websites identification system.

Our Brand Safety Chain global solution includes an innovative system labelled France Cybersecurity which allows to identify real URLs from fraudulent URLs thus helping web users to make the difference by being notified in real time.

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Brand Safety Chain - online brand protection - Nameshield

Why adopt the Brand Safety Chain

  • Brands perfectly protected on the web
  • Unique prevention solution against phishing, cybersquatting and counterfeiting
  • Assurance to block all routes to cybercriminals

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  2. Monitoring
  3. Web monitoring
  4. Domain names recovery
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