Nameshield and its customers are currently the target of a phishing campaign with the sender being “Nameshield” and with the purpose of suspending your domain name for failure to renew.

This message contains a link that you should not click on, since it will lead you through to a fraudulent page. Please do not take action on this mail and send it to us before deletion.

As a reminder, the emails that we send you come from an address with

Phishing is an Internet fraud technnique with the aim of obtaining confidential information in order to impersonate the victim.

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to put in place the additional security features offered by Nameshield: IP filtering and dual authentication. When these devices are applied, if a member of your team does mistakenly respond to this type of phishing and communicates their credentials and passwords, IP filtering and / or dual authentication will prevent any hackers from connecting to your interface.

If you have inadvertently filled in your login and password on this fraudulent form, please contact your usual account manager as soon as possible.

We are of course at your disposal for any further questions.